About Us

The Strives - Grace | Elegance | Class

We at The Strives believe that fashion cannot be copied from any individual or any platform that’s why we bring you the best and never seen before collection of clothing experience.

The Strives’ collection is handcrafted fashion by our specialised experienced designers that after wearing our dresses will make you look even graced. We usually allot a certain period to time to make each dress that’s why the outcome we get is usually different and more attention grabbing than products you will find. That’s why we are finding people like you so that you don’t have to waste your time finding your desired dresses and put an end to your search. We as platform are willing to build a relation with everyone who joins us and to maintain a never-ending relationship with the strives family.


Our Team

Sahraan Parwez

MD - The Strives
Sahraan started his career as a marketing associate. After working in the marketing industry for few years he began exploring India and found remarkable handcrafted embroidery works on the streets of Calcutta but sadly not known to many. The Indian culture, traditions, clothing, heritage inspired him a-lot. He discussed it with his mother who always desired designer dresses. He began his journey with his closest partners, who are also Co-founders, Amjad Ahmad and Rohit Khan, with the desire to bring the vanishing handcrafted embroidery talents to a much broader audience by presenting them. By launching an e-commerce website that offers a diverse selection of handcrafted ethnic attire, we are able to present our clients with the genuine joy of owning a piece of rich Indian design.

Rohit Khan

CEO - The Strives
Rohit always wanted to explore the niche market of fashion. He wanted to create a designer brand which is classy as well as affordable. He met Amjad and Sahraan, both of whom had similar passion and vision for creating a top-notch women’s clothing line. Rohit along with Sahraan and Amjad connected the dots which lead to the creation of “The Strives” e-commerce. He is regarded as a futurist, someone who believes in the worldwide potential of thinking beyond one’s years. He’s also a master of fusion wear, introducing outfits that are both unique and classic at the same time.
Rohit Khan
Amjad Ahmad

Amjad Ahmad

COO - The Strives
The Strives’ COO, Amjad Ahmad is truly Indian at heart and global at innovation. Amjad started the journey of The Strives with his closest partners, Sahraan Parwez and Rohit Khan, with the goal of recognising handcrafted embroidery and introducing fading embroidered talents to a broad audience. Amjad introduced a new concept of beauty. He wants traditional Indian attire to be moulded and rebuilt into innovative visions that will soar to new heights while remaining true to all the natural glitz and beauty that India has to offer in the realm of fashion.